About Us

Our Story

Based here in Georgia, the idea for Nurse Cart was conceived by three retired RNs (Kate, Karen and Alison). All three share an immense pride and passion for the sacred role of Nursing.

This pride and passion is what led us to create Nurse Cart and it extends to everyone here in the Nurse Cart family. We do our absolute best to provide the Nursing industry with a simple, friendly and safe place to shop for all things Nurse.

Our Mission

We aim to serve every proud Nurse in America by providing top quality products, at a fair price, and with the highest standard of service.


A huge part of Nurse Cart is the interaction we enjoy with our Nursing community.

We have a dedicated community page on Facebook, where we love to hear from you about anything from product suggestions, to professional tips and advice, to funny things that happened to you at work!

Questions and Contact 

If you have any questions or need help with an order you might save yourself some time by visiting our FAQ page before contacting us directly.

If you still need help, please don't hesitate to get in touch via support@nursecart.com or fill in the below form...